Jan 31, 2009

Benefits Of Cycling

Cardio exercises are gaining popularity day by day because of the many benefits that it offers to the individual. It makes your heart stronger, keeps your body toned, help in losing weight, increases blood supply and oxygen supply and above all is easy to perform.

There are different cardio exercise namely swimming, jogging, running, aerobics, cycling, walking, jumping and many more. Cycling is an effective and enjoyable exercise that will provide you with many benefits. These benefits are listed below:

1. Good for heart and health: Cycling is not only good for your health but for your heart as well. A good heart is the key to healthy life. With cycling the blood supply to the body is increased as well as your heart rate increases. It is because of this reason that heart diseases are reduced greatly or risk of having any is avoided to a greater extent. Risk of High blood pressure, diabetes and obesity is also reduced.

2. Weight loss: Cycling helps in burning excess fats resulting in weight lose. The energy that is required by the calories to burn is provided when you cycle regularly so make cycling a habit of yours!

3. Change in mood: Cycling, just like other forms of exercise, is known to release endorphin which is known to cause pleasure in you and thus wash away the bad mood. It is because of this that one feel relaxed and refreshed even after a heavy workout. With cycling you will feel positive change in your mood as well. Also, moderate exercises such as cycling are known for relieving stress or depression and helps in improving self-esteem and mood.

4. Strength and coordination is maintained: If you cycle regularly you will be less likely to get severe injuries such as fracture during a fall or if involved in an accident. According to research, cycling and other related exercises, that keeps one physically fit, when older are less likely to get hip fractures.

5. Fitness level improved: It is researched that even a small exercise can help in gaining fitness significantly. The strength of the legs is also improved with cycling regularly. As your strength of legs is increased, one is less likely to get injuries or fractures after a fall.

These are some benefits of exercising regularly. Just make sure to wear protective gears to avoid any injury in case of any accident.

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